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Edmund Burke, “Reflections on the Revolution in France”

“Reflections on the Revolution in France” by Edmund Burke paragraph 4 …You see, Sir, by the long letter I have transmitted to you, that though I do most heartily wish that France may be animated by a spirit of rational liberty, and that I think you bound, in all honest policy, to provide a permanent [...]

Plato’s Republic

Plato’s Republic 330d Cephalus: “What I say wouldn’t persuade many perhaps. For know well, Socrates,” he said, “that when a man comes near to the realiza- tion that he will be making an end, fear and care enter him for things to which he gave no thought before. The tales^^ told about what is in [...]

May 11, 3:00 P.M., Sunzi, The Art of War

Join us on May 11th to discuss Sunzi’s The Art of War.  A Chinese classic that has influenced many, from the first Emperor to General Colin Powell.  Ostensibly about military tactics, Sunzi’s ideas have been applied to organizational leadership, corporate strategy, interpersonal relations, and to deeper philosophical concerns. Location: Epiphany Library, 228 East 23rd Street [...]

Rainer Maria Rilke

  Worpswede near Bremen, July 16th, 1903 I left Paris about ten days ago, quite worn down and exhausted, and have traveled to a great northern plain where open space, silence and the sky are supposed to restore my health. But I arrived in a persistent rain that only today seems to lighten up a [...]