Welcome to the Philosophy Forum LGBT

The Philosophy Forum is a discussion group for LGBT community members and friends where we discuss philosophy in all its manifestations: Western, non-Western, canonical texts, non-canonical texts, academic and non-academic; all those interested in philosophy are welcome to attend our meetings.

2022-2023 season:

Saturday, Nov. 11: Louis Georges Tin, “The Invention of Heterosexual Culture

2021-22 season:

Saturday, September 11: Daniel Whitcomb Ambord, “Wrong Turns on the Way to the Graveyard”
Saturday, October 9: Willard Quine, “On What There Is”
Saturday, November 13: Jean Paul Sartre, “Man Makes Himself”
Saturday, December 11: Emile Durkheim (tbd)
Saturday, January 8: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “Emile” (excerpts)
Saturday, February 12: Benjamin Hoff, “The Tao of Pooh”
Saturday, March 12: Daniel Conrad, “The Importance of the Artist’s Intent”
Saturday, April 9: Marx & Engels, “The Communist Manifesto”
Saturday, May 14: Marcus Aurelius, “Meditations”
Saturday, June 11: Robin Dembroff, “Yep, I’m Gay: Understanding Agential Identity”